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Members on Membership

Read what our members say about The ESOP Association:

“Membership in The ESOP Association is vital to an ESOP owned company. The advocacy and education services are invaluable and are not duplicated by any other organization.”
David L. Kelly
Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc.
Lafayette, LA

“I consider the Association to be a vital partner for the continued well-being of our ESOP (and therefore our company).”
Philip S. Dooly
Haywood Builders Supply
Waynesville, NC

“Membership is a great tool to use to educate our employee-owners at all levels about the ESOP.”
Ali Jamshidi, CFO
CTL Engineering, Inc
Columbus, OH

“The ESOP Association keeps me connected to the ESOP world and is an invaluable networking and learning opportunity.”
Michael R. Holzman
Ambrose Advisors
Washington, DC

“The ESOP Association has been a key ingredient in developing our company’s education and culture of employee ownership. This has happened through national & chapter events & networking. We would not be as energetic as employee owners without this connection. Glad to be a member.”
Gale Marett
Assistant Controller
Salem Distributing Co., Inc.
Winston Salem, NC

“Membership in The ESOP Association is very beneficial in providing support for our political barometer, compass, and voice in promoting and protecting positive ESOP law.”
Mike Klingenberg
Scot Forge
Spring Grove, IL

“Our membership keeps me informed on the current ESOP issues, not to mention the motivation to develop the ESOP culture in our company.”
Nancy Latu
Global HR Manager
Chatsworth Products, Inc.
Westlake Village, CA