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Chapter Benefits

Collectively, ESOP Association chapters put on more than 100 events each year and draw thousands of attendees. What makes our chapters such a powerful draw for the ESOP community? See for yourself! 

Multiple Education and Networking Opportunities

Collectively, our 18 chapters put on more than 100 local events each year. That is a lot of opportunities to learn and network—all within a relatively short trip! 

Cost Effective

Local events require less of an investment of time and money. So send your entire ESOP committee and spread out the learning!

Have committee members in multiple locations? Send all of them to their local chapters and have them compare notes on what they learn. 

Get Awarded

Most chapters run a local awards program that recognizes excellence and helps spread the word on effective ESOP practices. And winners of some chapter awards (such as the Employee Owner of the Year and ESOP Company of the Year) are automatically entered in the national competition.  


Chapters often provide advocacy support, including scheduling group visits to Capitol Hill prior to The ESOP Association’s Annual Conference in Washington DC. Be part of your chapter's next visit and be heard by your elected officials!

Close to Home

With 18 chapters, you can probably find an event close to your headquarters—and every branch of your business. 

Make Local Connections

Discuss local and regional issues with companies that live them every day. Increase your learning and networking opportunities by meeting nearby ESOP companies whom you can visit or host between meetings.

You also can meet local service providers who can help you administer your ESOP or solve a specific problem. 

Maximize Your Membership

While all your employee owners are eligible to participate in ESOP Association events and activities, it may not be practical to send all of them to our national conferences (especially at the same time). Chapter events are great supplement to your national experience. 

Because chapters offer multiple events each year, you can spread the knowledge around by sending different groups of employees at different times. 

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