Awards Hero 2
Below, you will find the entrants for the 2017 AACE Video Award. The two first place and two runner-up awards are given based on company size. Below the winner and runner up videos you can find the judge's comments which may help give an idea of why they were chosen. We are currently taking entries for AACE 2019 - The deadline is February 1, 2019.  

Companies with 250 or Fewer Employees

MidSouth Building Supply

Judges’ Comments: An effective video that proves the axiom less is more. In fewer than two minutes, this video provides a clear and concise overview of Mid South, its values, and the pride of ownership felt by the many employees who are featured. 


Runner Up
Bowers and Kubota Consulting

Judges’ Comments: The video provides a good explanation of the Bowers Kubota’s ESOP and involves many employee owners, all while engagingly demonstrating the company’s culture and sense of humor. 

Other Entrants

Companies with More Than 250 Employees

Wright Service Corporation

Judges’ Comments: This is an engaging video that uses good story telling techniques to explain the company’s ESOP and history. The clever use of graphics emphasizes key points, provides effective transitions, and concisely shows the company timeline. Lots of employee owners appear in this video, and their genuine enthusiasm for the company culture is readily apparent.


Runner Up
Air Tractor Inc. 

Judges’ Comments: This is an upbeat, engaging video. A nice variety of employee owners explain in everyday language how the ESOP benefits them and the company, offering a clear and credible message. Showing employee owners in their work environments offers a glimpse inside the company and makes the employees easy to relate to. Good use of music and great group shot at the end.