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Below, you will find the entrants for the 2015 AACE Video Award. The two first place and two runner-up awards are given based on company size. Below the winner and runner up videos you can find the judge's comments which may help give an idea of why they were chosen.

Companies with 250 or Fewer Employees


Judges’ Comments: PERRY proTECH makes use of original and very clever lyrics in a song created and sung by an employee owner, and enthusiastically lip-synched by many others in the company. Numerous employee owners are featured across a broad spectrum, providing an excellent promotion of the ESOP concept and lots of fun. (The introduction from the ESOP Committee was very helpful to set the stage for the song parody). Last but not least, there is a strong technical quality to this video. 


Runner Up
Webb Landscape Inc. 

Judges’ Comments: Webb Landscape presents good information about this company, stressing concepts of teamwork and employee ownership. A beautiful video with technical excellence, this makes a great marketing piece and also promotes employee ownership.

Other Entrants

Companies with More Than 250 Employees

Big G Express

Judges’ Comments: Big G Express stresses the point that the ESOP goes the extra mile for the drivers, creating a family atmosphere. Employee owners talk about what ESOP means to their future and how the ESOP helps create quality and safety. The trucks proudly show that this company is employee owned and the extra benefits make the truck drivers want to stay with the company. The excellent technical quality of this video allows the high quality of the content to shine. 


Runner Up
Van Meter Inc.

Judges’ Comments: Van Meter presents a simple and powerful format, “You Own Your Success”. There is pride in being employed at an ESOP company, to be given a chance to dream. The teamwork culture drives growth and profit, and they are in it for the long term. The employee owners talk about the importance of the ESOP and how they have grown to appreciate it, discussing the ESOP benefits, deemed even better than the 401(k). They mention “It’s your money! How to improve and do everything better.” There is an effective use of graphics and testimony, with good transitions and technical quality.